Prof. Granelli

Fabrizio Granelli

Prof. Granelli is the coordinator of the Next Generation Networks Lab at the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science of the University of Trento. The laboratory offers computing and networking facilities for performing experiments on 5G and beyond systems, as well as softwarization and virtualization of networks and network functions. Moreover, Prof. Granelli coordinates a joint lab on "Networking and Security", which is part of "Dipartimento di Eccellenza" (excellency department) recognized by national MIUR for 2018-2022.

Software Defined Networking Granelli's Laboratory

Software Defined Networking

Current focus of research is oriented to Software Defined Networks and Programmable Wireless Networks. To support research activities with actual implementations, the lab is equipped with several SDR devices and has access to a set of OpenFlow switches through the Trentino Wireless and Optical Testbed Lab (WOTBL). Currently, the lab has 5 SDR platforms by ETTUS (2 USRP N210 and 3 older versions) and 6 SDR platforms by NI.

Green Networking Granelli's Laboratory

Green Networking

Green networking and green Internet research activities are supported by proper experimental platforms and power consumption measuring devices. The figures illustrate the usage of 3 WARP v3 boards for studying energy efficient wireless communications. Energy consumption is measured through a hardware and software platform developed in collaboration with CREATE-NET research center: Energino.

5G and Cellular Networking Granelli's Laboratory

5G and Cellular Networking

Research activities on mobility and next generation wireless networks are supported by an appropriate HW/SW infrastructure. While the ETTUS N210 and WARP boards enable to effectively study and analyze / emulate LTE/LTE-A and WiFi, signaling is studied through the OpenBTS Professional Development Kit.

Currently, the research group is experimenting with the OpenAirInterface software package to work on virtualization in cellular networks.

OpenBTS Professional Development Kit 

Mobile Crowdsensing Granelli's Laboratory

Mobile Crowdsensing

The Future Networks Lab has developed in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg a simulator for mobile crowdsensing: CrowdSenSim.

CrowdSenSim is a discrete-event simulator designed for research use in Mobile Crowd Sensing. It allows simulation of large-scale crowd sensing activities in urban scenarios and can be used to develop novel solutions in data collection, task assignment, monitoring and resource management. It is released under the GNU General Public License version 3.


5G and Cellular Networking Granelli's Laboratory

Access to Regional and Local Testbeds

The Future Networks Lab has access to a regional wireless/optical testbed, the Trentino Wireless and Optical Testbed Lab (briefly illustrated below), and developed an indoor WiFi-based Mesh Testbed (see below the WORLD testbed).

 the wireless mesh networking testbed