Prof. F. Granelli candidate for 2020-2022 ComSoc Member-at-Large

Elections will open on May 28, 2019 for the 2020-2022 term


Dear colleagues,

this year I'm running for the position of Member at Large for the IEEE Communications Society Board of Governors. For this reason, I need your help to be elected. Please help me spreading the word to your colleagues and students (please DO NOT use IEEE or official mailing lists).

Please note that ALL ComSoc members (including STUDENTS) can vote. Voting will open on May 28, 2019.

I've been involved in several ComSoc activities in the last 15 years, and I got a deep and solid knowledge on how the Society works and which are its goals. In particular, I am already familiar with the Board of Governors, as I was non-voting member in 2016-17 as Director for Online Content and in 2018-19 as Director of Educational Services.

As Director of Educational Services, I consolidated and multiplied the ComSoc Summer School initiative (having 3 schools in 2019 e 3 or 4 being organized for 2020). I'm specifically proud to have been the organizer of the first two ComSoc Summer Schools in 2015 and 2016 in Trento, Italy. They were extremely successful events and I experienced a very positive feedback with the young Society Student Members that participated, an enthusiasm that continued also in the following editions in Albuquerque, NM, USA and Shanghai, China in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

I'm currently working towards easing access of young members to the training material and enriching our offer for all members of the Society. Moreover, I worked at rejuvenating the Wireless Certification programme (WCET) and coordinating the preparation of new material.

As Director of Online Content, I developed the integration of ComSoc Magazines within the website in order to enable members to have direct access through ComSoc website, and enable further growth of online initiatives such as Best Readings and CTN. Actually, I'm still involved in improving the ComSoc website as a volunteer.

As Distinguished Lecturer, I visited several chapters around the World (US, Canada, Africa, Asia), and tried to disseminate new topics in the communication field in developing areas and foster discussion on cutting-edge technologies in developed ones. My travels representing the Society around the World enabled me to better understand the needs and requirements of the different chapters and geographical areas. 

As Associate Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, I'm working at selecting the best and most timely survey papers for our community and doing my best to maintain the quality level at the highest possible. I'm really honored to have the chance to cover such a relevant role and service to the ComSoc community.

Being elected as Member-at-Large will enable me to become voting member and having more chances to support our community in an efficient manner.

Below you can find my statement and short bio:


I was ComSoc volunteer for more than 15 years in different positions (including Technical Committee Officer, Technical Program Co-Chair at ICC/Globecom symposiums, Guest Editor, Associate Editor, Associate Editor-in-Chief, Distinguished Lecturer, Local Section Chair), developing relevant experience on the strengths, weaknesses and mechanics of our Society.

If elected, I plan to (1) consolidate ComSoc as the worlds most relevant Society for communications R&D by exploiting the expertise of our members worldwide to drive roadmaps for the technologies of the future; (2) increase internationalization efforts, especially towards developing countries, by locating flagship events in such areas; (3) developing new services and outreach actions towards involving young members, which represent the future of the Society.


Fabrizio Granelli is Associate Professor at University of Trento, Italy, and ComSoc Director of Educational Services. He was Delegate for Education at DISI in 2015-17, and Local Coordinator of several EU and national R&D projects (2+ Meuros of funding). He was visiting professor at UNICAMP, Brazil (2004-2016) and at The University of Tokyo, Japan (2016). 

He is author of 220+ papers on networking and recipient of IEEE CAMAD 2012 Best Paper Award.

He was involved in IEEE ComSoc as Distinguished Lecturer (2012-15) and Member-at-Large of GITC (2014-15). He was officer (Secretary, Vice-Chair and Chair) of CSIM TC and currently Vice-Chair of TAOS TC.

He was Guest Editor and Associate Editor in several IEEE journals and magazines, and served as ComSoc Director for Online Content for the period 2016-2017.

Fabrizio Granelli was Workshops Co-Chair at IEEE ICC 2016, and General Chair of 11th, 15th and 18th IEEE CAMAD Workshops, TPC Co-Chair of IEEE LATINCOM 2012 and IEEE GLOBECOM Communications QoS, Reliability and Modeling (2007-08-09-12) and SAC  Green Track Symposia (2014). 

He enthusiastically supported ComSoc in education and outreach activities, and organized the First and Second IEEE ComSoc Summer Schools (2015-16).

Please feel free to contact me if you wish or discuss more details on my vision, as well as if you have further proposals.

Before ending this email, I wanted to remind you that your vote is important for the Society, therefore please express your preferences. Moreover, this is also a great chance for young members and students to express their voice and make the difference.

Best regards,

Fabrizio Granelli