Wireless 8O2.16 Multi-Antenna Mesh Networks

The WOMEN project aim to design, implement and test a mobile and self-organizing wireless mesh network architecture and related protocols, required to support multimedia Internet services to users moving at vehicular speeds, in a large-scale, dynamic and interference-limited (possibly high-faded) environment. At the core of the WOMEN system is the mobile mesh router that exploits multiple antennas techniques and multiple radios capabilities to self-establish and self-manage an adaptive, scalable, high-capacity, and easily deployable mobile wireless backbone.
Specifically, the WOMEN system consists of three kinds of wireless nodes, namely the Mesh Base Stations (MBSs), Mesh Routers (MRs) and Mesh Clients (MCs). MBSs are stationary nodes equipped with Multi-Antenna 802.16-like radio interfaces that provide gateway/bridge functionalities, so to integrate the mesh network with existing broadband core-networks. MRs constitute the mobile wireless backbone and then they perform the self-organization and self-management tasks requested to sustain the dynamic wireless mesh backbone.
The WOMEN project continued as WORLD (Wireless Multiplatform MIMO Active Access Networks for QoS-demanding Multimedia Delivery). Below you can find a video of the final demo of the project.