B.Sc. Theses Proposals

Developing demonstrators on ComNetsEmu software platform

GOAL: to introduce new functionalities within the ComNetsEmu SDN/NFV emulator

 ComNetsEmu GIT

Lambda Function for reserved instance manager

Marco Centenaro (Athonet)

 Athonet S.r.l.

Implementing a 5G testbed using OpenAirInterface and NI USRPs X310


Building virtual labs for networking experiments in comnetsemu environment (VLANs, routing, ...)

GOAL: to build a set of scripts for the comnetsemu network emulator platform to experiment with IP and SDN networks

 comnetsemu repository

Network security in enterprise networks

Maurizio Lombardo

 Be-Innova website



 Monokee/Athesys  Proposed Topics

Simulating drones communications

GOAL: to introduce a simple communication model to study drone communications within the Blue Sky simulator

 Blue Sky repository

From a network to its digital twin

GOAL: to build a network in Comnetsemu environment and then by using the Northbound interface of the controller to build its digital twin in ns-3 environment

 Comnetsemu repository  ns-2 network simulator