Green Mobile Access Networks and 5G

The major market growth area is mobile networking. From an already impressive 7 billion mobile connections and 1.6 billion mobile broadband subscriptions, the annual growth rate for mobile broadband connections is increasing by 40% worldwide and is showing an exponential growth in data traffic. This research area is focused on protocols and architectures to enable sustainable and cost-effective mobile access and to lead to the next generation of wireless networks (5G).

Reference Work from the research group

Dynamic Strict Fractional Frequency Reuse for Software-Defined 5G Networks
Anteneh A. Gebremariam, Tingnan Bao, Domenico Siracusa, Tinku Rasheed, Fabrizio Granelli, Leonardo Goratti
in: IEEE International Conference on Communications, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, May 23-27, 2016 [doi]