M.Sc. Theses Proposals

Optimization of Virtual Network Functions mapping

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Virtualization for the Internet of Things

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Cell-less cellular network design: beyond the concept of cells, the user is assigned a set of “resources” from the network

Thesis co-advised by Dr. Marco Di Renzo, CNRS

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CrowdSenSim: Simulating Spectrum Crowdsensing Activities for Urban Computing

Thesis co-advised by Drs. Andrea Capponi & Dzmitry Kliazovich, Univ. of Luxembourg


Emulation of LTE/LTE-A/5G over an open platform: srsLTE, openBTS, OpenAirInterface

 openbts  srsLTE  OAI

Mode Detection using UAV/USRP platforms

GOAL: to detect which technologies are being used in an area; to analyze trade-offs between on-board processing and cloud-based solutions

 Spectrum Sensing, Access and Coexistence Testbed for Cognitive Radio using USRP