M.Sc. Theses Proposals

Mode Detection using UAV/USRP platforms

GOAL: to detect which technologies are being used in an area; to analyze trade-offs between on-board processing and cloud-based solutions

 Spectrum Sensing, Access and Coexistence Testbed for Cognitive Radio using USRP

Study of cloud radio access network and edge computing in High-Altitude Platforms and nanosatellites

Co-Advisor: Riccardo Bassoli (TU Dresden) - GOAL: to design and simulate technologies for cloud radio access network and edge computing for HAPs

 Reference n.1  Reference n.2

ACP Edge continuous deployment for automatic nightly system and integration testing

Marco Centenaro (Athonet)

 Athonet S.r.l.

Development of ETSI NFV compliant interfaces for mobile core network orchestration

Marco Centenaro (Athonet)

 Athonet S.r.l.

Development of a network data analytics function (NWDAF) for 5G and beyond mobile core networks

Marco Centenaro (Athonet)

 Athonet S.r.l.

Development of traffic-type aware UPF for 5G mobile core networks

Marco Centenaro (Athonet)

 Athonet S.r.l.

Self-aware Softwarized Networks


Implementing and running the digital twin of a network (automated topology identification, sync)


Auction-based Service Orchestration in Multi-domain 5G Networks

Rasoul Behravesh (FBK). Goal: To propose an auction-based service function chain placement solution where inter-operator interactions and network resources exchange for service orchestration

 Market Driven Multi-domain Network Service Orchestration in 5G Networks  Towards Cross-Domain Service Function Chain Orchestration  A Survey on Service Function Chaining

Throughput, delay and jitter measurement in a 5G virtualized network environment

GOAL: to deploy a container-based architecture to perform KPI measurements in a 5G Service Based Architecture scenario

Energy-aware multi-access edge cloud

GOAL: to define algorithms capable of enabling energy-aware MEC operation, e.g. in presence of renewable energy sources

Evaluating the energy consumption of a virtualized infrastructure

GOAL: to build a framework for analyzing the energy consumption of a virtualized infrastructure

Orchestration layer for eNB/UE simulator for LTE testing with automatic deployment

Marco Centenaro (Athonet)

 Athonet S.r.l.

Measurements of Clock Drifts in Federated Networks



Federation of SDR and Virtualized Core Networks





 Monokee/Athesys  Proposed Topics

Performance Evaluations of Orchestration Policies for Edge/Fog systems

Prof. Francesco De Pellegrini (Univ. of Avignon, France)

 Thesis description

Network optimization using a Network Digital Twin

GOAL: to apply AI/ML to a simulated copy of a "real network" using the concept of Network Digital Twin.

 Network Digital Twins